Bomb Max Candy Pop Vape – America’s Favorite Disposable Vape Has Become Bigger

America’s favorite disposable vape has gotten bigger. The new Bomb Max boasts a longer battery life, 4800 puffs, and 10 true-to-taste flavors.

It’s the perfect option for beginner vapers and experienced ones alike. These devices don’t need refilling or charging and are durable enough to withstand accidental bumps and drops.


The Bomb Pop brand has long been a staple of summertime fun and celebrations for kids of all ages. Its patriotic red, white, and blue rocket shape and combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavors have become iconic in their own right. However, this does not mean that the brand has stopped innovating its products. In fact, the Bomb Pops line now includes a new mashup flavor that combines blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon flavors.

In addition to the traditional red, white, and blue flavors, Bomb Max also offers a variety of mashups that recreate popular candy and drink flavors. The company currently sells Nerds Bomb Pops, which feature the flavors of the famous crunchy candy, as well as Hawaiian Punch and Banana Fudge Bomb Pops.

The flavors may be limited, but the quality and originality of each one is unmatched by many premium disposable vapes that can cost five to ten times more than the Bomb Max. The device is easy to use and provides thick vapor that will delight your taste buds. It is also very durable, with a long battery life and sturdy construction.

Battery Life

Bomb Max has been specially crafted to deliver an astounding number of puffs. This is because of the upgraded 1500mAh battery that provides unmatched longevity. Moreover, it also has a generous 6.5ml pre-filled pod, loaded with delectable e-liquid that will titillate the senses.

The device comes with a draw-activated design that is easy to use. It is prefilled with 5% nicotine strength for the ultimate vaping experience. The device is ideal for those who want to curb their smoking addiction and replace traditional cigarettes. However, it is important to note that nicotine is not the sole cause of smoking addiction. Instead, it is the 5000+ chemicals and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke that is responsible for addictive tendencies.

The disposable vaporizer from the Bomb brand is available in 10 true-to-taste flavors. The flavors taste similar to premium disposable vaporizers that cost 5 to 10 times more than the Bomb max disposable e-cig. Moreover, the disposable vaporizer comes with a high-quality heating element that produces fantastic flavors and satisfyingly thick vapor.


Candy Bombs are among the most disliked elements in the game as they cause instant level failure if not removed on time. This makes it one of the few ways to lose a level without using boosters, albeit with a high risk.

Unlike most other blockers, candy bombs will not count down or explode before conveyor belts move or cascades end. In addition, they may not spawn at all if there are other objects blocking them, like Jelly Fish, Coconut Wheel, UFO and others.

Since the Candy Keep update, the number on a candy bomb will decrease every move. The only exception to this is during a shuffle, where the number will stay the same and will not count down. This only applies to the Flash and HTML5 versions of the game. The failure reason for a level with a candy bomb varies between versions: In the unsupported Flash version, it will always show as “You did not remove the candy bomb in time!” while in the supported HTML5 version, it can display other reasons such as “You did not (clear all jelly/bring down all ingredients/finish all orders)” on move levels and “You did not (remove all candy bombs)” on non-move levels.


Bomb Max is the upgraded version of our best-selling disposable vape device, the Bomb LUX. The new device combines the 10 most popular Bomb flavors into one super-sized package that will last you days (and 4800 hits) at a lower price than any other disposable out there.

Please note that the battery on this device will eventually run out of power and if your Bomb Max Candy Pop vape pen starts blinking, it is time to replace the battery. When this occurs, simply follow the instructions that are included with your new device and you will be back to vaping in no time. If your Bomb Max Candy Pop flashes red, this indicates that the device has low e-liquid and is no longer capable of providing you with the desired flavor.